Imported from England... LOVING America!!!
Alan studied Advertising / Design and Photography, in his home city of Manchester, England. Over the years, his passion became a living, developing into a career. He has filmed and produced corporate / music video's in the UK, whilst simultaneously shooting still Photography for a variety of clients and subject-matters.

Having met, and married his American sweetheart Betzy (a real-life True Romance story in itself!), Alan found himself living on the shores of SW Florida, USA. Betzy's drive, creativity and business talents were combined with Alan's... and then his career then took a further turn, when he was invited to shoot his first American wedding with a colleague... and he was hooked!

Not only is Betzy our second Photographer...she is also an Officiant, Wedding Planner, Designer, Bridal business owner ...and a wonderful Human Being to be around (as all our Couples will testify). She is one of the driving forces at The British Photographer, and she shares Alan's strong ethic of 'It's all about helping the Bride and Groom have the BEST day of their lives, whilst delivering beautiful wedding day memories'.
Betzy can often to be found lending a helping hand on the Big Day, be it helping the Bride get her train bustled and into the limousine, emergency outfit repairs, or a timely towel or umbrella for the Bride and Groom at beach weddings. Betzy's bubbly, friendly personality is infectious...'ll LOVE her!

Now a well-established SWFL Wedding Photography business, Betzy and Alan are taking The British Photographer into other states of the USA, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island.... and on into the International arena!